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Angelo's Creations: Custom Jewelry Design and Custom Made Jewelry

At Angelo's Creations we believe that a custom jewelry piece should be an expression of the person. So, we take a different approach to custom design. Whether you know exactly custom jewelry designwhat you want or just have a vague idea we guide you through the process to make sure you get the custom jewelry that's fits you. The custom design process at Angelo's Creations is made to be fun and easy. We don't expect you to be the jewelry expert, that's our job. You provide the vision, the dream and we do the rest. More about Custom Jewelry Design

50 State Commemorative Quarters: Gold Plated State Coins

The 50 State Quarters Program is creating some of the best designed commemorative quarters ever minted. Approximately every 10 weeks, from 1999 to 2008, there will be a new state quarter released. Each quarter's reverse will celebrate one of the 50 states with a design honoring its unique history, traditions, and symbols. Thevalleymart state commemorative quarter pendants use a real coin to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. These pendants show the artist design of the state quarters in a quality jewelry bezel. 50 State Quarters

The Jewelry Market: Build your own Diamond Engagement Ring

Our goal is to create a personal diamond engagement ring. Qualified gemologists, specialized in diamond grading, will hand pick your diamond. Each diamond ring is individually hand done to make sure every diamond ring had a lifetime of enjoyment. We want to diamond engagement ring to express the feeling you have for the one receiving the diamond ring. Whether you are ordering a tiffany diamond ring, a wedding set, bridal diamond set or a diamond engagement ring, the jewelry market will give you a great wholesale price. More on Engagement Rings

Black Hills Gold Jewelry: Quality Black Hills and Dakota Gold Jewelry

The Valley Mart offers a large selection of the finest Black Hills Gold Rings, Bracelets, Wedding rings, Diamond Earrings, pendants and Men's Jewelry. Our Black Hills Jewelry selection includes rings set with diamonds, onyx, rubies, and other quality stones. Each piece is hand crafted by skilled artisans and is designed for years of durability and satisfaction. All of our styles of engagement rings and wedding rings are offered with diamonds or without. We also have a nice selection of Black Hills Gold rings that make great gifts. More on Black Hills Gold

A&D Publishing: Childrens Books, The Legend of Doll Fin

Demonstrating valor, overcoming fear, withstanding peer intimidation and achieving fulfillment as a physically challenged individual are all illustrated in Dan Parisi's new children's picture book "The Legend of Doll Fin". The Legend of Doll Fin traces the journey of a young female dolphin from self-doubt to courage. Nurtured by Sheba, her mother, Doll Fin learns to face her disability with courage and humor. Doll Fin accepted her life experiences as necessary to overcome hardship. The Legend of Doll Fin

A&D Keepsakes: Stitchery, Cross Stitch designs in Gold Lockets

Jewelry as art expresses something of the wearer and designer. A&D keepsake's hand cross stitched jewelry designs show the skill of needle work and the presentation of jewelry. These tiny pictures are cross stitched onto very small cross stitch Aida cloth. This is a great way to use your hand crafting and needle working skills to make a one of a kind piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love. Use any of our designs or you can create your own design with great significance to you or a friend. More on Sitchery and Crafts

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